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2019.8.25 - Minutes



HOA Accomplishments ​reviewed by Dave Mugrage

1. Wells,Wells, and more Wells, ...troubleshot, figured it all out and replaced 3 of them.

2. Hired road clean up with Bobby Hollifield.

3. Painted speed bumps

4. Initiated website,

5. Weather station.

6. Update covenants and bylaws.

7. Enforced covenants and Initiated legal action when appropriate.

8. Replace Monument.

9. Rocked the front entrance Columns.

10. Brought HOA banking and billing online.

11. Hired accounting firm to audit and monitor finances.

12. Started neighborhood watch and had our local police meet with us twice.

13. Placed entrance signage by club house.



John Hamel reviewed finances, question answered about snowplow



  1. Approval of covenants and bylaws.​ Approved - with the definition of lot to include the dock, and the 2 houseboat lots can only have one houseboat per lot, signatures obtained from HOA members present.

  2. Approval of selective street lighting.​ Motion did not pass.

  3. Paving /sealing road. ​Approved to patch and seal up to monument, and work with golf club and other homeowners for more road paving.

  4. Neighborhood disputes, how to handle. What can and will the board do. ​Phone call, visit, letter, group visit with all parties, arbitration, attorneys.

  5. Paying dues, the new rules. ​You have until the end of March each calendar year to get your dues in, then we add $25 per month.

  6. Buoys and lake rules,​ reviewed by David, placed 50 feet out will be enforced. Discussed disposing debris in lake, against duke power ordinances.

  7. Wells - David reviewed wells and water testing, and proposed​ ​investigating light system to help purify water, which was approved.

  8. Motion did not pass to have HOA pay to pick up homeowners debris. Homeowners are to contact Bobby individually


Review Addresses phone numbers and emails.



Russell Buchanan was elected VP for 3 year term

John Hamel moves to President

David Mugrage remains board member


Discussed one HOA lot that is not up to par. ACC to investigate and enforce any ordinances provided in the covenants.

Discussed trees overhanging in the road, will see if Bobby can trim.

RAFFLE - free dues for one year

Russle Buchanan won the raffle!



  1. Name for development for columns out fronT - ​Left front column will say Lake View in black, with solar lighting. Other column will have a symbol that also will be lighted.

  2. Paving and sealing cost of road - Agreed to do up to monument for this time.

  3. Traffic speed, putting up speed signs - Nothing will be done at this time

  4. Whats the golf’s course and whats ours? ​We still are not sure , but will investigate more.

  5. Open floor

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