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08.29.2021 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

Lake View Pointe 2021 Annual Meeting

Minutes August 29,2021

Welcome,introductions,and newcomers.

Head count for a quorum. Quorum Present

Old Business resolutions

New Business

  • Well and water updates Randy Wells reports low pressure...will investigate. Also talked about digging new well.

  • Septic leak. In the hands of the health dept at this time.

  • Harrill's house make over Renovations to begin this fall.

  • Speed Bumps. All non asphalt speed bumps to be removed.

  • Morris Broadband Will follow up on their line running through a private lot by monument.

  • Buoys HOA will use its find to keep all buoys up for a year and evaluate the cost at annual meeting 2022.

  • Financials Reviewed to due increases at this time, we took big hit last year with paving and well replacement.

  • Jennifer our peculiar neighbor reviewed talks with lawyer and other HOA, advise to call sheriff's dept anytime she is out of line to build paper trail. Only other option is to take to court which would be long and tedious. We will paint over anytime we see her markings

  • RV Parking The HOA has voted to pursue amending the covenants to not allow RV/Camper parking on lots more then 24 hours.

  • Elections for HOA Board Russell buchanan 3 yr term as president, Richard Faulkner 3 yr term as VP, Cathy Green 1 yr term as Board Member, John Hamel 1 year term as secretary/treasurer.

  • Raffle Joanne Harvey won the free dues for 2022

Open Floor

  • New HOA members need to be notified of proper water use. Richard Faulkner would like someone to take over cleaning the front entrance from NC 126 monument area..he has been doing it for 26 years and can no longer do it.

  • All in all, a very well attended and very productive meeting. I enjoyed being part of this board for the last 5 years and seeing our relationships and beauty of our HOA grow. A large thank you to David Mugrage for truly being the moving force into renovating our HOA and especially the well system.

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