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08.31.2021 - HOA BOARD MEETING


  • 1. Members present: Russell B, Richard F, Cathy G, John H

  • 2. Septic Leak. Hamel to follow up with health dept

  • 3. Buoys fund and replacement. Russell to do assessment Monday

  • 4. Well pressure upper system. Russell to f/u with Dave and do a pressure test at Randys

  • 5. Jennifer legal progress,speed bump agreement. Richard to f/u with Bob Street in talk with Jennifer for 2 asphalt speed bumps.

  • 6. RV covenant changes. Hamel to offer Elenor place to park her RV at his storage location

  • 7. News Letter/website updates/bank log in info/dues.375 on dues if paid before 1/01/2022

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